Our first story took us to Oliver, BC to meet up with a trio of volunteer firefighters, who, on top of full-time jobs, were also volunteer firefighters that were so passionate about what they did that they started a podcast to encourage and share that passion with others in the industry in their limited free time. As soon as we sat down with them, their passion for training and helping younger less experienced people in the force became evident and within hours of starting to film we were crawling into a live-burn simulator to film them as they showed us some of the training they did.


fighting fires as volunteer firefighters, balancing life, work, and their podcast.


We also had the opportunity to travel to Iceland to connect with a couple of firefighters who showed us what being a firefighter was like in their unique context. We travelled with them into the highlands to capture the unique and breathtaking ways they would disconnect from the stress and pressures of their demanding jobs. We were also pushed to the limits as we worked to film them pushing themselves to the limits as they ran up dormant volcanos and swam in the open ocean.

Iceland Fire

Omar lives life to the extreme in Iceland